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Lea Michele on Live With Kelly & Michael (09-01-14)

I would just go home and I would record everything on a recorder. And then my co-star Chris Colfer, who is an amazing writer, he’s like “I just imagine you at home, with like a glass of wine, being like ‘makeup: let’s talk about lipstick’ ” and I was like that’s funny because it’s actually exactly like that.

Chris + looking good while wearing sunglasses 

Alright, I wanna hear everything. How long have you two been lovers? Is that the correct term for what you are? I wanna be gay accurate.

"Darren is just so passionate about everything he does.
I have nothing but positive things to say about him.” 

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with the amazing Golden Globe
Award winning Chris Colfer and that is fantastic.” 


Because Kurt Hummel has his way to look at Blaine too…

klaine + idk i think blaine wants to be with kurt for the rest of his life and no-one is gonna come between that


this  is  for  any of you   who  believe the  stupid  fake  Rumors  


this  is  for  any of you   who  believe the  stupid  fake  Rumors